This site is my attempt to bring to those who have not experienced it, the Beauty and wonder that can be experienced around Killarney, County Kerry, Ireland! 

I am starting small, but sure, we have to start somewhere right?! 

As time progresses i hope to maybe bring to you the perfect images that truly show just how Beautiful  Killarney, and the surrounding areas are!

With areas such as Killarney Town itself, and branching out to the likes of Torc Waterful and Ladies view in the Stunning Killarney National Park, to the peak of Carrantuohill, the highest peak in Ireland, set in the Macgillycuddy's Reeks mountain range, i hope to take you everywhere, although, it will take time and there is just too much Beauty here for a person to experience in just one lifetime!

Thankyou for joining me on this journey! Nik.